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My partner is a retired tank commander, he served 25 years in the British Army in the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment and in 2003 received the queens commendation for bravery.


My grandfather invented part of the mechanism to drop the bouncing bomb in World War 2.


Every armistice I design a plaque to remember the fallen soldiers and the money goes to SOTS.


Soldiers Off the Street (SOTS)

Around 10-12% of rough sleepers in the United Kingdom are veterans of the British Armed Forces. Many veterans sleeping rough have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) & associated conditions such as alcohol &/or drug addictions as a result.


As well as helping veterans who have been sleeping rough, we also help those who are “sofa surfing” & veterans who are in accommodation but find themselves facing homelessness through no fault of their own.


The aim of Soldiers off the Street is to get as many homeless veterans off the streets & back into normal, civilian life as possible. We are a small team of a regular, core volunteers. None of us receives a wage of any kind & we all fit our work with Soldiers Off The Street – Scotland around our own jobs & family life.

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